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The Paintbrush is a unique art studio for children ages 1  to 12 years (with some programming available for even older kids and adults!). Classes at The Paintbrush incorporate music appreciation into hands-on art appreciation lessons to teach students about the lives and the works of influential artists from the past and modern day, from all over the world.

“The class is wonderful and we’ve been so impressed by the quality of the work they’re bringing home. Hazel has become particularly interested in painting since the class started and now announces that she wants to put her art in a museum, so I think you’re having a very positive influence on her! Thank you very much!” — Kara, Mom of Hazel, 3

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  • The Paintbrush offers ART Camp days all year.
  • Our Drop-In ART program allows you to come by without commitment and check out what we have going on each week in the open studio.
  • Kids’ Night Out treats kids to a Saturday evening of parent-free fun once a month.
Introduce your child to the wonderful word of ART today. Call or email to set up your class and come see what the FUN is all about!