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FAQs … The answers to the questions you ask the most often….

Q: When does the next 10-week session start?
A: It’s YOUR session, so it starts when YOU want it to (subject to class schedule and availability).

Q: When is the next enrollment time?
A: Our classes are on rolling admission, so you can call or email at ANY TIME to enroll your child.

Q: What time is Camp?
A: Depends on the camp.

Q: How much are birthday pARTies?
A: That depends on the size of your pARTy and the day (weekdays or weekends). Call or email to get a detailed pricing list.

Q: I don’t see your fax number anywhere. What’s your fax number?
A: Our fax number is not top-secret info, we just don’t have one.

Q: Can I drop in to look at the studio? I am thinking about booking a birthday pARTy.
A: We’d love to have you come by to see the studio. Please CALL or EMAIL to make an appointment.

Q: Can my child try a class to see if he/she likes it before we enroll?
A: Absolutely! Call or email to schedule your one-time class.

Q: How many classes do I have left in my session?
A: Please refer to your sign-in sheet when you come to class, or ask your child’s instructor if you need further assistance.

Q: What do you mean there’s no class today?
A: All days off are noted in your personal attendance sheets that you receive on your first day of class; the dates of classes are on your sign-in sheet and all days off are marked on the big calendar in the studio.

Q: My child is 12 months old. Are your classes appropriate for this age?
A: Absolutely. Now is a great time to get your little one started on her/his early art education.

Q: My child is 9 years old. Is my child too old for your classes?
A: Absolutely not. In fact, we just started a new class called “Modern Artists”, which is for older kids, aged 8-12. And many of our specialty classes and workshops are appropriate for older kids.

Q: Are your birthday pARTies age appropriate? Are they good for boys as well as girls?
A: We customize your birthday celebration to suit the needs of your age group, whether your little one is turning 2 or 12, we are sure they will have a fabulous time. Boys love art as much as girls do (think Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh…).

Q: What are your teachers’ credientials?
A: Please see our Meet Your Muses page. All of our teachers are educated, experienced, qualified, and pre-screened.